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Offline, Online, Local and Global

Orchestrating and delivering total relevance through fully branded customer experiences, API’s, integrations, customization and a global network.

The power of earning

Our cutting-edge earning solutions and tailored merchant-funded rewards enable brands to achieve customer engagement and relevance for a broad consumer audience.

With one in three engagements resulting in a sale, and an average of 8 purchases per unique member, Valuedynamx delivers the right, relevant content to meet revenue targets.

We develop data-led solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. Razor sharp data analysis provides in-depth customer behavior knowledge and trends, which allows the continual evolution and creation of new compelling and engaging promotions.

Earning Solutions

Our market-leading platforms are packed with curated content to maximize customer engagement and provide the most rewarding customer shopping experiences.
Retail and travel brands globally
Live markets globally
In-market solutions across five continents, delivered in 10 languages